Death threats sent to Gov. Whitmer, state workers in Bitcoin extortion attempt

An anonymous man mailed death threats to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and say employees in a bid to amass $2 million in Bitcoin, Michigan State Police reported.

The letters said say employees would perish unless the governor moved greater than $2 billion in crypto currency from Jan. 25.

Michigan State Police spokesperson Shanon Banner said Sunday that researchers do not think the dangers were plausible and no arrests are made from the events, original reporte d Saturday from WXYZ-TV (Channel 7).

The Michigan State Police takes seriously any threats made against elected officials or some other,’ Banner said in a contact into the Free Press Sunday. ‘Upon being advised of the particular letter by the Executive Office at mid-Decemberwe looked right into it. Section of this review contained consulting with all the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center. Fundamentally, it had been determined never to be considered a plausible threat.’

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As stated by WXYZ, the letters were tracked straight back into Indiana.

News concerning the hazard came after President Donald Trump’s assistants violated the U.S. Capitol construction on Wednesday, also weeks later police foiled an alleged plot to kidnap and kill Whitmer. Several men are in custody, also confronting state and national charges.

On Mondaythe Michigan State Capitol Commission is placed to convene a special session to go over prohibiting the open carry of guns at the state Capitol.