Bitcoin SuperStar Review: Legit Trading bot or Scam?

In the last two decades, the crypto mania has churned out more millionaires than any other sector. Likewise, multitudes have lost millions into the many crypto scams which have cropped up with promises of earning overnight billionaires.

InsideBitcoins analysis reveals that Bitcoin SuperStar functions a fake crypto trading robot and a fake crypto mining pool. Continue reading to learn more or see our review of high picks for the best crypto trading bots in 2019.


Bitcoin SuperStar is a significant crypto scam working both as a crypto trading robot and a mining pool. InsideBitcoins investigations show that this stage adopts a pyramid scheme-like version to get new signups. Our evaluation of individual users testimonials show that most of us have lost money using this platform. Bitcoin SuperStar main agenda seems to be getting new signups and it disappears with customers’ money. A deep analysis of the trading platform indicates they don’t have a legit underlying trading technologies.

InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that there’s not any way to monitor the people behind this stage. There’s absolutely not any information about the creators of this platform and the supporting team. Bitcoin SuperStar has no known offices and doesn’t offer traceable communication channels to its client services.

At present, it operates under two titles i.e. Bitcoin SuperStar and BitClub Network.

• InsideBitcoins Investigation shows that Bitcoin SuperStar has a precision level of under 10% — Leading robots score over 90%.
• This robot has a validity score of 13% — The best trading robots score over 80%.
• Bitcoin SuperStar has a bad online reputation — Many people who have tried this robot report losing money.

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What’s Bitcoin SuperStar?

The platform allegedly uses large data to examine crypto markets and make trading decisions.
InsideBitcoins analysis can confirm that these are all lies. Bitcoin SuperStar is only a scam platform targeted at stealing money from shareholders. You won’t ever have the ability to withdraw your money if you join with this platform. The only way to generate money using these services is by introducing others to the platform.

Our investigation also shows that this stage keeps changing domain names and address. It now operates under two titles namely Bitcoin SuperStar and BitClub Network. Perhaps this is in a bid to avoid the ever-growing unfavorable standing about their scam. There are a great deal of negative reviews about both platforms, with the majority of reviewers claiming to lose their cash within one hour of trading.

InsideBitcoins investigation didn’t find any evidence that they have the technology for this purpose. Legit trading robots always offer evidence about the logic behind their own robots.

Who Launched Bitcoin SuperStar?

As stated earlier, Bitcoin SuperStar doesn’t disclose about its creator. InsideBitcoins analysis reveals that the pictures used on their platform aren’t real but downloaded from stock pictures. A Google Reverse picture search shows that the photograph used for the profile is from, a stock pictures website. These profiles are untrue!

What’s even more ridiculous is how this platform seems to suggest it is publicly traded. Any investor with ordinary attention to detail can tell that this claim isn’t simply sarcastic but outright proof that Bitcoin SuperStar is a scam.

Legit trading bots not only disclose about their founders but also about their service team. A robot that’s reluctant to do so is probably a scam. InsideBitcoins recommends that you steer clear of any trading robot that lies about its creators.

How Can Bitcoin SuperStar Work?

Bitcoin SuperStar claims to be a robot dealer and a crypto miner. In regards to robo-trading, this platform supposedly applies algorithms to scan crypto market information and make trading decisions. However, our investigation indicates that these are lies and they don’t have such technologies. The only thing they provide is a page to fool people into signing up with scam agents. InsideBitcoins investigation shows that nearly all agents in partnership with this robot are regarded as a scam.

In addition to crypto trading, BitClub also claims to provide stock and forex trading. InsideBitcoins can affirm that these are all lies. As stated before in this review, BitClub doesn’t have any legit trading technologies. Their primary motivation is to get signups and they disappear with customers’ money.

The company behind this robot claims to have a mining rig with all the possibility of generating tremendous profits within hours. They don’t supply any other details aside from asking investors to deposit money with them. An investigation of online reviews demonstrates that they operate a pyramid scheme where users are just remunerated if they present others on the platform.

You should not register with Bitcoin SuperStar

We recommend that you steer clear of this platform. Signing up with BitClub won’t just lead to deposit reduction but will also expose you to cyber attacks.

Our investigation indicates that they pay little attention to customers’ safety. Here are the top reasons why this stage is an outright scam.

The biggest red flag which BitClub is a scam is that they tell on their site. First, they claim they are a publicly traded company. They go farther ahead to point out that because their CEO took over, their stock price has plummeted 80%. This claim isn’t only absurd but clearly indicates they don’t care if people notice they are a scam.

Worse, they use bogus profiles for the CEO, COO, and CIO. As mentioned previously, InsideBitcoins has ran a reverse picture search and can confirm

If you deposit cash with this robot, you’re very likely to lose it in under one hour. The Bitcoin SuperStar trading platform seems to have been configured to make losses.

No withdrawals

As soon as you make a deposit with this robot, you can not withdraw it. BitClub functions with scam agents in collaboration. These brokers main purpose is to receive new deposits and they go missing. We’ve established that BitClub doesn’t offer any customer support especially if enquiries are about withdrawals.

Partners with sham brokers

InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that BitClub works with authorised agents. They also can’t be traced given that they’re not enrolled in any jurisdiction.

Unsafe trading platform

Our tests show that BitClub isn’t a safe trading robot. Primarily, they keep moving from one domain into another. Second, their trading platform isn’t secured which means that hackers can intercept traffic and steal customers’ data. We also have determined that this robot shares users’ information with third parties such as scam agents.

The Verdict!

Bitcoin SuperStar is a scam trading robot and we suggest that you keep away from it. Our investigation shows you will lose money if you sign up with this robot. The folks behind this platform are experienced scammers operating under different names.

Additionally, InsideBitcoins can confirm that the majority of the information provided in their site is false. The executive profiles and users reviews are all faked. We can affirm that the photographs used on the profiles are all downloaded from stock pictures websites.

InsideBitcoins conducts a comprehensive investigation that will assist you identify superior robots and prevent scammers. The robots advocated in this review have been tested and proven to be extremely legit.