STORMY SCAM: Bitcoin Storm review

Read our review of the Bitcoin Storm scam to understand that you really need to stay away from this program.

Bitcoin Storm promises you an access to an automated trading software that was designed to trade the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

It allegedly is so good that it wins 99.4% of trades, which, as you can expect, would you make you a millionaire in no time.

How much will this cost you? Well, this is the biggest surprise, because the software costs nothing. Isn’t that weird?

Bitcoin Storm scam

If becoming a millionaire was free, this world would look like a lot of different. In the current economic setup money cannot be free and Bitcoin Storm of course is a scam.

It is a carbon copy of scams like Bitcoin LifestyleBitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Future. You will find a proof on our picture. It all started with the Bitcoin Code that we have of course reviewed too.

Because the scam is so widely spread, known an infamous, we have a lot of feedback and testimonials about it. Which allows us to classify it as a total scam.

Bitcoin Storm reviews and testimonials

It is true that on the Bitcoin Storm’s website you will find some positive testimonials about it, but only because they are totally fake.

Fraudsters fabricated them with stock photos, which we have proved on our picture that you can have a look at on the right side.

No real user has ever reported that Bitcoin Storm is profitable, ever.

Trading results

Another thing on the Bitcoin Storm’s website designed to fool you is the table called Live Profit Results. It shows trades that are all winners with some substantial profits.

But again, everything is fake, these results are not real, just some fictitious numbers.

How they get your money

Some might still be willing to try Bitcoin Storm, even after reading our review so far, because they think they have nothing to lose, since the program is free.

Well, it is not. Because these scammers won’t let you try it on a demo account, they will force you to risk your own money with an unregulated broker they have chosen for you.

So, not only you will be risking your own money since the beginning, you also won’t be able to withdraw anything since you will be dealing with a scam broker. This whole thing was put up together just to steal your money.

Bitcoin Storm review conclusion

Bitcon Storm is a dirty scam that just wants to get your money, it won’t earn you anything, stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in crypto trading, first try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Only when you manage to be profitable on the demo and you understand the risks of real trading, you can invest your own money.